Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Some famous sights and a Broadway show!

Anne and I started Wednesday with a harbour cruise. We thought we would be there in plenty of time but once we got off the Subway we noticed that the park was closed so we couldn't go straight through it they way it said on our instructions. As for the rest of the instructions: "Terminal is located behind so-and-so castle"... - we are both tourists! How are we supposed to know what so-and-so castle looks like or where it is? It didn't say anything about it on the map I had. We did find the terminal in the end though, we were cutting it close so we ran the last hundred meters or so, which is fine, we probably needed the little run after all the holiday food.

The cruise was good. The weather wasn't so good though, it was really cold, I wish I had brought my fleece jacket with me from Norway. I wanted to just sit inside the boat as it was nice and warm there, but to see as much as possible and to get the best pictures, I had to stand outside. On the cruise we saw the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (unfortunately both were closed), Brooklyn Bridge and of course we also got a wonderful view of New York City.

We needed to warm up after the harbour cruise so we went inside the National Museum of the American Indian. There was so much to see there, beautiful clothes and art. After we had warmed up in the museum we headed over to the Empire State building. Some guy outside it, wearing an orange jumper tried to trick us into buying tickets for over $40, luckily Anne knew that we only had to pay $25 to get up, the over $40 was to get to an ever higher floor (102nd), but we were both happy with the lookout on the 86th floor. I bet the view is great on a clear day, but I though the view was pretty great even though it was cloudy.

You can even see the statue of liberty if you look closely!
The next, and last, stop before heading to Broadway was Flat iron building, it was really cool to see it with my own eyes, I've seen it a lot on pictures and TV but it's a whole other thing to stand in front of it and see it yourself!

Before heading to Broadway we went back to the hotel and got prettied up, then we took the Subway to Times Square to hunt down a place to have dinner before our show. We ended up at a place right across the Majestic called Jekyll and Hyde, both Anne and I had never heard of it before but I wish we had! If we had know what it was all about we would have gotten there earlier to enjoy it more! It was so funny, it was kind of a show in  a scary Gothic setting, it was just loads of fun really! I will have to go there again if I go back to New York! 

The show we went to see at the Majestic, after a rather stressed dinner, was Phantom of the Opera. I saw the movie several years ago and remember I loved it, and I love the music from it. The show was absolutely amazing! We got cheap tickets so we were sat in the back, which was fine, the only annoying thing about it was the people sat in front of me, they kept moving and blocking my view. It would be nice to treat myself to better seats if I go again, but they are SO expensive!

All in all a very successful visit to NYC. It was short but I got to see everything I really wanted to see, it would have been nice to have a day extra to do some window shopping and actual shopping but at least this way we saved money. I shouldn't be shopping too much anyway since I have to pack even more for when I move back to the UK!

Have you been to a Broadway Show? Which one and what did you think?

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