Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Broadway Hotel & Hostel

With a name like Broadway I though it would be pricey, but that is where Anne and I stayed while we explored New York and Washington DC and it was quite cheap.

Broadway Hotel & Hostel is located really close to Central park, as well as a subway station, so it was nice and easy to get places. Anne said that they advertise free parking on their page, but you basically just have to be lucky enough to find an available spot outside, they don't have anything reserved for their guests or anything.

On their web page, and when we arrived, they said that the WiFi is only available in the hotel lobby, we were lucky though and got a room on the second floor right above the lobby so we managed to connect from out room.

We had to go out into the hallway to use the bathroom as it was a shared one, but it was a proper bathroom, not those stalls you get in most hostels, and there seemed to be several down the hallway so we didn't get loads of people knocking on the door trying to get in while we were in there. They could have gotten some pegs and maybe a shelf to put stuff on in the bathroom though, as it was I had to put everything on the toilet seat while I was having a shower. I also think the shower was on a timer as the water would go cold after a while. Good think I don't spend a long time in the shower anyway.

The room was quite cold, it felt like the window was open even when it was closed, luckily the beds had nice thick duvets as well as blankets so I didn't wake up at night because I was cold.

There was a sink and mirror in the room, but because of the placement you couldn't really get enough light to use the mirror to put make-up on or anything.

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