Thursday, 28 March 2013

Disney's All Star Movies Resort

While I was in Disney World I stayed at the All Star Movies Resort.

The All Stars Resorts are usually the cheapest hotels that's connected to Disney World, there is Movies, Music and Sports and they're all next to each other. When I took the bus to and from the parks and Downtown Disney my bus only stopped at those hotels, which was nice because it meant the bus ride was a lot shorter than what it could have been.

There are 10 buildings at the Movies resort, they are paired up and decorated in 5 different styles; Toy Story, Fantasia, Love Bug, 101 Dalmatians and Mighty Ducks. I liked the big statues outside the buildings, and I bet it's fun for the kids as well. And there is loads of cool picture opportunities.

I stayed in one of the 101 Dalmatians buildings. They must use the same room whether there is one person staying there or 4 because I got a room with two double beds, which is fine, it means I got a big room.

One thing that annoyed me was all the towels. I know the room was for four people but I'm sure the housekeeping staff had a list of how many people were in each room. When I checked in there was at least 4 of each type of towels plus some decorated on the bed, fair enough. I put most of them in a pile to the side in the bathroom so I had more space to dry the few I was actually using. Every day the pile on the side got bigger because they kept putting new towels in the spots I had removed them from! Not necessary is it!?! They didn't hang the pile back up they left the pile there and hung new ones up, I think I probably had 10 of each type of towel in my room at some point! Utterly ridiculous! And I bet that when I checked out they washed every single one of those towels, not very environmental friendly. Seriously, if there is only one person staying, leave only one of each type of towel in the room, if that person need more they can always take it from the Mickey on the bed, or just call down to reception for more.

Food was not included at the hotel, but they have a food court, so getting food was not a problem. The pizza is pretty much what I lived on, it was really tasty! They also had a plastic cup you could buy and then fill up with soda as many times as you wanted during your stay, you could only use it at the hotel and if you wanted water you had to either pay a fortune for a bottle or drink the not so tasty tap water. I think that the water that was in the soda dispenser could have at least been filtered or something so it tasted a little better than plain tap water.

Besides the towel issue it was a nice place to stay. I wish there had been some grocery stores within walking distance, or in Downtown Disney, but apparently you're not supposed to eat healthy when you're in Disney World!

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