Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Downtown Disney

When Anne and I woke up on Friday snow had settled on the ground in New York so we were careful when driving. Anne was kind enough to drive me to the airport for my flight down to Orlando, it was really sad to say goodbye, but at the same time I was glad to finally be going to the heat and sunshine, I just wish Anne could have come with me.

After I got settled in at my hotel I headed to Downtown Disney, I just wandered around window shopping and looking for a birthday gift for my dad's wife, which I finally managed to find.

I liked all the different stores they had, although I think it's a bit annoying that they don't have a normal grocery store so you can buy some proper food. You have to either bring your own or live on junk food while you're there. I guess it's easier if you have your own car though, that way you can just drive to a grocery store. Anne had offered to give me the rest of the food we had in New York, but I didn't take it as I figured they must have some proper food.... Nope!

Since it was late by the time I arrived I didn't spend too long in Downtown Disney. It was mostly just souvenir stores and restaurants there and I guess it's the only place to go out for a few drinks in the evening if you want to do that. They have an all year Christmas store there that kind of made me wish I had gone closer to Christmas so I could do some shopping there.


....Petty Witter said...

Sounds quite magical even if all year round Christmas is my idea of a nightmare.

Mind Of Mine said...

I love the idea of an all round Christmas store!


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