Monday, 4 March 2013

Pretty mansions in a new state!

Anne, Nathan and I drove to Newport, Rhode Island yesterday. Apparently it's where all the rich people live, and you could tell by the houses.

Anne had purchased tickets to go and see two of the mansions while we were there; The Breakers and one more of our own choice, we chose Marble House. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but I can tell you the mansions were beautiful, just like those old British mansions and palaces, for example Chatsworth in Derbyshire, although there was a lot more different types of stone in the American houses. It was amazing to walk around in both of them. We were guided in groups in both of them and the guides were very knowledgeable. It's strange to think that people were living in the houses so recently, and that they have taken so good care of it. Like all the old furniture and carpets. Of course it's also very strange to think about people actually living that way. At the Breakers, the family that built the house, the Vanderbilts, although they no longer own it (it is now owned by the Preservation Society) they still come and stay whenever they like in an apartment at the top of the house.

After the mansions we went for a little walk around Fort Adam. We saw a house on a little island, the island was only just big enough for the house to fit on, and I couldn't help thinking that it must not only have been cumbersome to built and decorate it, but also to get to and from. We also saw a hawk! I couldn't believe how close we got to it, unfortunately my shutter time was a bit to slow to get a good picture of it as it "finally" flew away. When we had almost finished out walk around the fort we also noticed some people that were coming in on their little sail boats, I can't help but think that it must have been cold for them even though they were wearing thick wetsuits.

We finished the day off in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At Mama Mia's restaurant we had some very tasty pizza indeed! I can understand why it was so busy and we had to wait almost a half hour to be seated, the pizza was worth it! After dinner we saw what apparently is the fake Plymouth Rock. Anne and Nathan said that the real one is further south but that this is the one all the tourists take pictures of.

Unfortunately Nathan has to go back to work today so he won't be able to join Anne and me on our trip to Salem. I'm really hoping to come back next year though, to see New England in the summer or late spring. We also talked about them coming to visit me in the UK and Norway.

I am glad that we're all getting along so well! 

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