Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dear Weather-Gods,

I know you guys don't like me.

I know I live in Noway and should therefore not expect spring to come until the end of May.

But if would be nice if we didn't get so much snow. It's starting to look like it did in December!

If you do have to give us this much snow, can't you at least make it pretty like it was in December? At least back then it was a nice whitey-blue colour, not this constant boring grey.

If you have to give us snow, let it stay cold until you've decided to start spring. Stop teasing us with snow one day, then rain that makes the snow slushy the next day. Then when the snow has finally gone away you make it snow again!

I'm sorry us humans have treated Mother Nature bad, but many of us are trying to fix it now. You should at least give us credit for trying, right?

I'll sacrifice this chicken to you... Well actually it's a rooster, but never mind.
At least I'm getting some exercise shoveling all the snow... See? I can make it into something positive! Does that mean you'll stop sending us snow now?

I'm out,

1 comment:

....Petty Witter said...

Though I can't outdo your snow, I'm beginning to suspect we have had our spring here in the north east of England. The snowdrops were just beginning to show their faces, the daffodils to awaken when bam we have heavy rain and winds which are flattening them.

Oh and please, I beg of you, don't kill the rooster - he's far too cute.


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