Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Homemade water?

We drink tap water, but we have a large bottle that we fill up and keep in the fridge so that it's always cold. We drink from it everyday though, so the water is always "fresh".

At dinner today my mother thought the water smelled funny, which can be a dangerous comment as my mothers cohabitant pretty much IS the local water authority. No worries though, the comment was safe this time, because it's been raining a lot the last few days so a few places are flooded, and this affect the water. So we were talking about how the water usually tastes and looks the same, and smells the same even though the weather's really bad and all that. Then my mother made me laugh:
"Yeah, it's not like homemade water, which could have pieces of dirt in it.." We all just looked at her.
Me: "Homemade water?"
Mum: "Yeah." (My mother realized her mistake, but didn't back down.) "Housewives used to make it."
Me: "How do you make it?"
Mum: "I don't know, I'm not a housewife."
Me: "But it's got dirt in it?"
Mum: "Yeah."
Me: "Sounds yummy."

I love having these discussions with my mum, they make me laugh. Anyway, what she meant when she said homemade water, was well-water. Because obviously "back in the days" when people got their water from wells, then when there was really bad weather and floods and stuff dirt would get in the water.

So now you know what homemade water is.

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Leslie said...

We need to send some of that homemade water to Japan! " )
I hope that you get your water situation cleared up soon. Rain Rain go away...


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