Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nature's hair-dry

The snow's almost gone, and it's fairly warm outside. We've actually got temperatures above 0 Celsius. But I'm not getting my hopes up for "proper" spring yet. Last year it snowed here just a few weeks before I moved back. Which was in mid-May.

Trainers wasn't really the best choice of footwear when I walked through the forest. It's because I forgot that the trees block the sun in the forest, so the snow and ice doesn't melt as fast there.

My hair was damp when I went outside, but after about 10 minutes it was almost completely dry. Eco-friendly hair dry.
That's my face hiding somewhere behind all that hair.
I don't really know how this next picture turned out the way it did, probably just the sun, but I really like the colour of the sea.

It looked prettier when there was loads of snow.

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