Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011

So earth hour 2011 is over in Norway. I didn't light a candle and read a book as I planned, I went for a walk instead. So as well as saving energy I got some exercise as an added bonus!

I'm kind of disappointed at how few people had turned their lights off though. Even the lights that lights up the church on the outside was still on! What's the point in that? All the street lights were on as well. I also think that the shops that were open could have turned off the lights they could have managed without. Most of the houses I walked past still had all their lights on. Some of them only had lights on in what I guess was their living room, and some only had their TV's on (as I could tell by the flickering blue/green light)... at least they saved some electricity. The few houses I walked past that was completely dark made me happy.

I can kind of understand people that are into football watching TV, as there was a big game on (Norway vs. Denmark), as for other people I think earth hour could be a great excuse to have some quality family time instead of just sitting in front of the telly on a Saturday night. Why not go out for a walk, or sledding? The only people I met on my walk was a group of three teenage girls that were sledding, seeing them made me smile. Or maybe light some candles and play board games or have story-time? There are so many things you can do instead of watching telly.

I looked across the fjord to Molde. I'll have to try and remember to do that another night to compare, but I think it looked slightly darker there than usual ,and they did turn their street lights and any lights outside public buildings that doesn't have residents or patients off according to their webpage. I can't remember if I can usually see the stadium at night, but at least I couldn't tonight, so maybe they had turned their lights off, since it would fall under public buildings, right?

Our earth hour house. The neighbor right across the road had all their lights on (as usual) and their lights kind of lit our house up. So the light you can see in the windows is the reflection of the neighbor's lights.

How did you spend earth hour 2011?

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