Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Northern lights

As I was walking home from work tonight I noticed that there were Northern lights on the sky (where else?). It was beautiful. Northern lights isn't common this far south in Norway. It wasn't the colorful ones that you get further north, it was just a greenish shade, but it was still beautiful. I've not seen it very often. Obviously the sky was clear since I could see it, and the Northern lights and the stars looked so nice together.

I didn't get a photo of it because
a) my camera's crappy
b) it was really faint anyway, so I think I would have struggled to get a good picture of it with all the lights on the ground and stuff.

Here's pictures of the weird "Northern Light" phenomenon from 2009:
Looks photo-shopped doesn't it?


Obviously this wasn't actually Northern Lights at all, but a failed Russian missile launch.

I still lived in England when this happened. I was told about it from all angles. People in England asked me what it was (what would I know? I was in England with them), and friends and family in Norway told me about it happening (they didn't know what it was either when they told me about it), but none of them live anywhere near where it happened, so they didn't see it with their own eyes..

I think it would have been fun to actually have been there when it happened, and witnessed it. But I also think I would have been a bit terrified if I actually witnessed something as weird as that happening on the sky first hand. I don't know why. Maybe scared it was an alien invasion? Haha.

Would you be scared or just think it looked pretty/cool/pretty cool if you witnessed something like this first hand?

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