Thursday, 10 March 2011

Raske Menn

I've just come back from watching a show with Raske Menn. They're a Norwegian comedy trio. It was really funny, I had a great time. They are probably my favorite Norwegian comedians. My mum's cohabitant got us all tickets, which I think was really nice of him.

The only downside is we were sitting so close to the stage all the chairs in front of us and the ones we sat on were just sat on the floor instead of being raked seating, and there were only tall people sitting in front of me (typical), so I couldn't really see everything that was happening, I had to crane my neck all the time. Although it was enough just to listen some of the time. If I ever go to another show at Bjornsonhuset in Molde I will make sure to get a seat higher up than row 10, because after that there's raked seating.

We weren't allowed to take pictures or anything, so here's an old clip of them, the only one I could find with English subtitles.


Kevin Newman said...

I think the word you were looking for 'Raked seating'

Lilly said...

Thank you :)


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