Saturday, 26 March 2011

Football and me.

This little place where I live lies right between two cities, weird right? Anyway, these cities has a football team each (that's soccer for my American readers), there's Molde Football Club (MFK) and Ă…lesund Football Club (AaFK). Both teams are apparently really good, and there's this big rivalry thing between them. Once there was a game between them in Molde and apparently AaFK-supporters wasn't allowed in the restaurants, there was a kind of soup-tent outside the stadium for them instead. 

I don't think AaFK is very happy at the minute, because MFK's stadium was just announced Norway's best. 

Since out little place lies right between, people that live here is divided into MFK-supporters and AaFK-supporters. 

Say, about 5 years ago, I worked in a bakery in this little place. One day this guy wearing an MFK football uniform came over and asked me where he could find the manager to the little shopping center the bakery was in, so I told him. He looked at me a little strangely but went where I told him. I thought it was weird that he was wearing a football uniform, but I just figured it was game day and he was a supporter. Next thing I know, him and two or three others in MFK-uniform are setting up a table, people are queuing up, teenage girls are screaming and applying more make-up and the "supporters" are writing autographs.... Guess they weren't supporters after all...

They were sat with their backs to where I was working and a few people asked me who was sitting there.
Me: "Some football players it seems..."
Them: "Well I can see THAT! Who is it?!"
Me: "I don't know, I think that's the Molde FK uniform though... Isn't it?"
When I said this the person that was talking to me pretty much backed away from me slowly as if I was insane or something. How could I NOT know who the football players were?! Even if they were from the rivaling team, or ANY team for that matter, I should KNOW who they are!

That's probably why the footballer had looked at me strangely, I had just talked to him normally as if he was "no one".

I'm not into football, as you probably understand from reading this, but I think it could be fun to see a game between MFK and AaFK at a stadium, just to get the whole atmosphere.

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