Thursday, 31 March 2011

First hike of the year

Weather was still nice today, no sun, but no rain or snow either, so I went on a small hike.

I went up on one of the hilltops near our house today. I don't want to call it a mountain, because it's not high enough. Even though the hill's not very high, and it's not a very long walk to the top, it's very exhausting, because it's steep. Steep + snow = slipping, sliding and falling over, a lot. You would think that because it's steep I could just sit down on my bum and slide down when going home, but there's too many rocks, roots and trees in the way for that, so instead I just fall over a lot.

I found out I need to whip my body back into shape! I started panting after only a couple of minutes, and it took me twice as long to get up than it did last summer. I could of course just say it took me longer because of the snow, and because I was talking it slow since it's been about 6 months since last time I hiked, but TWICE as long!? The last time I hiked up there and time myself last summer it only took me 20 minutes, so I was up and down in about an hour (5-10 minute rest at the top). Today it took me about 40 minutes just to get up there!

To top it off I met some (not too bad looking..) guys walking back down again as I was close to the top. Of course I had a lobster red-"I'm exhausted"-face... very attractive.

At the top

The hilltop is very popular all year round, so they've built a shelter at the top.
 If any axe-murderers ask you to go on a hike with them, don't.
Axe-murder heaven?
 A lot of people hike up here in groups, and some at night, so I guess it can be nice to have a small oven/stove. It would probably be fun to spend the night up here, especially with a few friends. And if the sky's clear you could see lots of stars.
The view
The only green spot is the football field.
I'm glad I only wore a t-shirt under my jacket, I was boiling when I reached the top!
We've got this local competition called Fjellgeita (the Mountain Goat), where you collect points by hiking up mountains. The one I hiked today has the lowest score along with a few other hills. They're scored according to difficulty. Last year I managed to collect quite a few points, I even hiked up a mountain that had one of the highest points, and my knees were shaking all the way back down again, it was terrifying (and exhausting)! I didn't enter the competition though. To keep track of who's been to which mountain, the people entering the competition has to write down what date they climbed up what mountain, and also there's a book at the top of every mountain where you write the date and sign. The books are kept in plastic bags inside metal boxes so they're safe.

I'll probably feel the hike tomorrow, good thing I've only got a short shift.

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....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for such wonderful images. I can imagine how peaceful it would be to be sitting by that stove and able to see the stars ...... until the axe murderer turned up.


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