Saturday, 16 July 2011

Brisbane - Week 1

I have now been in Brisbane for almost a week. I'm not actually in Brisbane itself, but in a suburb north of Brisbane... I've not actually been into the city yet.


I arrived early on Sunday morning and we all went strawberry picking in the afternoon. I was going to charge my camera before we went as it ran out of battery the night before in Sydney but when I went to charge it nothing happened! Turns out it's broken! I don't actually know what's happened, but to make it simple I just went and bought a new one before we picked strawberries. Luckily my mum said before I went to Australia that I could either get a new camera or I could get money for my birthday... So thanks for the camera mum!
Other than that not much has happened in the last week. I've been getting to know the family and the kids, the mother has still been home this week but she is going back to work on Monday. The family is really nice! It seems I have been as lucky with this family as the one in England, or maybe even luckier as this family is paying me by the hour!
Strawberries anyone?
I'm looking at some things to do and see here in Queensland that I can do on my days off. I found a day tour called "Daintree Dreaming Day Tour - Aboriginal Cultural" that sounds quite interesting. I'll also be going whale watching next month which I'm really looking forward to. I also want to to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays, maybe I can do like a long weekend if I do the Aboriginal tour and work my way back south from Cairns?

Does anybody have any suggestions to what else I can do while I'm in Brisbane/Queensland?
Australian money looks like play-money! I like them though.

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Kevin Newman said...

There are theme parks but they are more at the gold coast... The daintree is beautiful!


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