Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sydney - day 4

Saturday 09.07.11

On my last day in Sydney I was going  meet a local girl that I know because she applied to be the next au pair for the family I stayed with in England (she didn’t do it because of the visa cost), but she didn’t turn up. I found out later it was just because of a misunderstanding, so hopefully we’ll meet up if I go to Sydney again at a later time.
After I had waited for her for about half an hour I went inside the hostel again and sat downstairs in the lobby, trying to find out what I should do since she didn’t come, and I bumped into a guy that had come to the Opera House with us last night. He, N, was going to Bondi beach as he hadn’t been there yet and he was leaving that afternoon, he asked if I wanted to come too since I didn’t have any plans, so off we went.
We had a really nice day. N even went swimming, he said he would have beat himself up about it if he hadn’t. I just went paddling, I could have just as well gone swimming as my jeans got soaked to the thigh, and I REALLY wanted to, but I didn’t have my bikini or anything with me, and I don’t think they would have been happy to let me on the bus back to the hostel with soaking wet clothes.
I got some more nice pictures from Bondi as well as N wanted to walk part of the costal walk. We didn't even get as far as Bronte, I think, because N had a plane to catch to Cairns later in the day. I also felt extra short when I was walking with N, as I didn’t even come up to his shoulders! Nice guy really, wouldn't have minded getting to know him better, he's only here on holiday though, but he did Facebook me... But he didn't seem interested in me... Oh well, never mind.
When I got back from my beach-trip with N, I met up with J in our dorm and the two of us and two other girls that had only just arrived in our dorm that day went and got some dinner in China Town, and after that we went and saw the fireworks in Darling Harbour. Does anybody know why there were fireworks there by the way? We didn’t... Still don’t... Anyway, I liked that we were 4 girl that had never met before, from 4 different countries (Norway, Canada, USA and France), we spoke 4 different languages (Norwegian, French and English), we came from 2 different continents (if you can’t figure that out you’re an idiot) and we all met in a city far away from all our homes!
Crazy surfer!
When we got back we went downstairs in the side bar again, J and I stayed there until 2 am with some other people. I then had a rest in bed, I didn’t manage to sleep, then I got up at 3 to catch my early morning flight to Brisbane!!
The battery on my camera died before the fireworks, so I filmed it with my phone. I'm quite surprised at the quality actually!


Kevin Newman said...

How are you enjoying Aus?

Lilly said...

Loving it!


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