Monday, 11 July 2011

Sydney - day 2

Thursday 07.07.11

On my second day in Sydney, me and my new friend J went to Manly beach. I'll tell you, that name never gets old! We had SO much fun, and below are some pictures to "prove it" and maybe you'll have a laugh about it too.  We took the ferry to Manly so we got a nice view of the opera house and the harbour bridge.
On the harbour before we got the ferry we saw some street performers. One man dressed  up as Charlie Chaplin and an Aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo (can cross that off my list!).

Someone else had been to Manly later the same day and they said they had seen a man in Speedos with Manly written on the bottom... Had to laugh at that, wish I had seen it!

Went all the way from Norway to Australia for some Danish ice cream!

This was probably the funniest!
Can't believe I found these in Australia!! Two of my favorite candy!

In the late afternoon/evening J and I met up with J's friend who has lived in Sydney for a few months now and we went and had dinner at a pub, which was fun. There were a few men in suits (yum!) there when we came, and we met some.... interesting people. I just love observing some times.

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