Monday, 25 July 2011

Norway after the bombing and shooting

Just a quick update to say please read this article from the Huffington post, it's about how Norway/Norwegians are dealing with the bombing and shooting that happened Friday (Norwegian time).

I agree with most of what the article says, but I do think Norway should get some more means of surveillance, since at the moment there isn't much.

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Kaby said...

Hi Lilly - I read the article and sent it to a couple of friends - friends like me who despair at the 'traditional' western world response to things like choosing to assume that everyone is a terrorist and spend billions of dollars to invade countries, implement screening, security, etc to try and find these 'millions of people' - usually of an opposing and misunderstood religion - who mean to do us harm. How beautifully refreshing to see a nation - faced with something more horrendous per capita than Seotember 11 was to the US - take a considered view - to wait for the evidnbce to act appropriately - to deal with a specific problem - and not apply a bandaid to a gaping wound.

Congratulations for being a part of a nation with such an intelligent, considered reaction to an horrendous situation. Ny heart continues to go out to you and your countrymen.


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