Sunday, 31 July 2011

Up with the sun and a first sighting.

I went to a market just north of Caboolture this morning, we had to get there early to get some fruit.
Up with the sun...
I got some dutch pancakes for breakfast when we were there. And they also had some salt liquorice, so of course I had to get that.
And I got a soft serve before we left, the man selling them complained because I got  a "kiddies" one.
On our way back home we saw some kangaroos!! It''s the first ones I've seen since I've come to Australia, and they were wild ones as well!!!
They're posing for me!



Kevin Newman said...

Dutch pancakes are awesome! That's great that you saw kangaroos in the wild. :)

Hopefully I can get you up close to some when you come to Melbourne :)

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

The pancakes look scrumptious! And kangaroos up close... what more do you want? It seems that I must get around and read about your Australian adventures...


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