Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sydney - day 3

Friday 08.07.11

On my third day in Sydney, J and I started the day off with a walk to Darling Harbour, which was right around the corner from the hostel we were staying at. It was quite early because we wanted to do it before the free city tour arranged by our Hostel (Wake Up!)that started at 11am, so very few of the shops were open.
When we went on the city walk we went through Darling Harbour again (we hadn't know that it was going there) but it was a lot busier by then and the shops had opened, although it had only been 30minutes or 1 hour between, so I'm kind of glad we went so early because that way it was easier to take pictures. The city walk also went through the Queen Victoria Building, China Town, to the Opera House and the botanical gardens and some other places. It was a really good walk. I also saw my first Australian spider in the botanical gardens, I didn't take a picture of it though, as that would mean moving closer to it and there was no way I was doing that!!
We had lunch on a grassy hill by the Opera house and had a great view of that and the Harbour bridge. When we went to the Opera House someone got a program and found out they wanted to go to the Opera that night, as the symphony were playing "The planets" accompanied by HD pictures from NASA. So a small group of us decided we wanted to go that night.
J and I went shopping for the opera when we came back from the city tour as we wanted to look nice. Can you guess where we went shopping? Darling Harbour! Three times in one day! J got a dress and I got a new top to go with a pencil skirt I brought with me. I also though I had brought some black heels with me, but I must have taken them out in the last second to cut the weight a little bit, so I ended up going to the Opera in a pencil skirt and black trainers... Real classy... I really enjoyed the opera, or symphony rather, it was good fun and the music and pictures was great! You don't actually have to dress up to go by the way, we just really wanted to, I kind of think you should have to...
After the opera we went to the downstairs bar at the hostel. It was really nice that they had it downstairs, as then we didn't have to worry about getting a taxi or walking back in a strange city, just needed to get up to the room and into bed.

It might be childish, but it's also really funny!

I think the toilets were kind of cool...

I like how it says: please walk ON the grass
Do you see the bats?


Kaby said...

Lilly, hi. As always, what lovely photos, but I must admit it is disconcerting to have you photograph MY things. I have become used you photographing amazing sunsets at 11.45pm, cool pictures of water and historic bridges and here you are - in my bright light. Do you find the light overwhelming? Look forward to learning about your Brisbane adventures.

....Petty Witter said...

Amazing photos, thanks for sharing them.


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