Monday, 4 July 2011

Small Wars

Book number 10 in the 100+ Reading Challenge

Small Wars
by Sadie Jones

Outer back cover: Hal Treherne is a soldier on the brink of a brilliant career. Impatient to see action, his other commitment in life is to his beloved wife, Clara, and when Hal is transferred to Cyprus she and their twin daughters join him. But the island is in the heat of the emergency; the British are defending the colony against Cypriots - schoolboys and armed guerrillas alike - battling for union with Greece. Clara shares Hal's sense of duty and honour; she knows she must settle down, make the best of things, smile. But action changes Hal, and the atrocities he is drawn into take him not only further from Clara but himself, too; a betrayal that is only the first step down a dark path.

Although it was an interesting subject: life of a British soldier, his wife, and some other soldiers and people during a war, the book could not hold my attention. There were some interesting parts of the book, but even those were written in such a boring way that my mind kept wandering and I had to read paragraphs again because I had no idea what I had just read.

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....Petty Witter said...

thanks for the review, I'm not too sure this is a book i'd enjoy either. The very fact that it failed to hold the attention puts me off straight away.


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