Monday, 25 July 2011

31 Dream Street

Book number 2 (number) in the what's in a name reading challenge, and book number 12 in the 100+ reading challenge

31 Dream Street
by Lisa Jewell

Outer back cover: Leah is fascinated by the strange mix of people living across the street from her at 31 Silversmith Road. She'd give anything to find out more about them, so when their reclusive landlord approaches her unexpectedly to ask for some advice, Leah is more than willing to help.
Toby is a failed poet and incurable romantic. For fifteen years he has lived happily in his rambling house filled with waifs and strays, until a quiet tragedy and unwelcome letter force him to admit that it is time to move on. But how will he persuade his tenants to move on? His house is their refuge. Are they ready to face the real world?
Together, Leah and Toby must help the misfits at number 31 to grow up and move out, but in doing so can they also make their own dreams come true?

I borrowed this book from my host family's bookshelf, I mostly chose it because it had a number in the title so that I could add it to my what's in a name challenge, and it turned out to be quite good.

There are so many different characters in the book, and it was fun to find out more about them. All the characters were so lost, and it was interesting to read how they felt, who they met, what they did with their lives and how they tried to sort it all out. I was also curious about how it would all end. And I was happy about the ending, although certain events did have me worried.

My favourite part of the book was when Daisy told Con about her condition, and the following "complications". It was just really interesting to read about how Con would react to it. My favourite character was Toby, he was just such a cute awkward person and it was fun to read about him trying to deal with his problems.

I really enjoyed this book, it'also a book I can read several times as, besides from being a good book, I think I will probably discover "hidden" gems each time.

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