Saturday, 30 July 2011


When I was studying music I wanted to do one year here in Australia but I was too scared of all the spiders that I had heard was here. The reason I came here now is because I decided I wouldn't let the fear of spiders keep me from doing what I wanted. 

That doesn't mean I'm not still terrified of them though.

My host family has been telling me about the spiders that they get here. Sometimes they even get into the house! I'm NOT looking forward to THAT!!! I have also had to look at photos of them on the internet so that I will know what type of spider it is, although I don't get why, I don't care whether it's poisonous or not, I'll run as far away from it as I can anyway! 

Blimey! You've got some giant spiders Australia!!! 

We're planning to go to Australia Zoo or something next weekend, and my host family was saying that they will take me to see the spiders there... No thank you!! 

Not a big fan of spiders!

So, Australian spiders: please stay far away from me while I'm in Australia. Pretty please. Oh, and don't bite me if you have to come close to me. Thank you.


SumaiyyahAbidah said...

For some reason I rather like spiders, but I guess you're talking about the giant, hairy ones? Those are scary, but still fascinating.

Lilly said...

Urgh! I don't like ANY spiders, not even in Norway where they're not poisonous. Maybe you should come here? You can protect me from the spiders! haha

SumaiyyahAbidah said...
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SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Well the ones I find at home are pretty harmless creatures, but I'm not sure I could protect you from the ones in Australia! Unless you bribe me with a really tasty book, hehe :D


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