Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sydney - day 1

Wednesday 06.07.11.

So I decided I wouldn't go to bed until it was night here in Sydney, to try and avoid jet lag (would then have been up for about 56 hours!)

Can't remember if I already wrote this, but: I don't understand all this fuss about Australian border control  Everybody says it takes ages to get through, and the people that work there can be really difficult, I've never watched that show "Airport" or whatever it's called myself, but I had no problem getting through customs, it did take a while, but it seemed like the people working there tried to do their job quickly and properly. I guess it depends who you get and all that, like I said; I've never watched the show.

I met a girl not long after I checked in at the hostel, and we became instant friends! For the rest of the day (and the rest of our days in Sydney) people were asking us if we were travelling together because of the way we were talking together and stuff.

At 11am, we met up for a free beach walk arranged by the hostel. We started at Coogee beach, and walked all the way to Bondi beach. The guide wasn't the greatest, but it was a nice walk. I got this map of this page, don't mind the numbers.
They were all lovely beaches. And it was a lovely walk. Here's some pictures from it:

Very big cemetery

Ice skating at Bondai Beach
In the evening, my new friend J and I walked over to the Opera house and the Harbour bridge. I could not believe I was actually looking at the Opera house! It was surreal!

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