Thursday, 21 July 2011

I miss the hostel!

Well, it's not so much the hostel I miss, but the people and atmosphere and all that.

Don't get me wrong, the family I'm staying with is great and all that, but it's harder to meet people here. In England I took the youngest girl that I was looking after to playgroups, while here there isn't any. The few that exist you have to pay for the full year, whereas the ones I went to in England was free, or I payed £1 or something each time I went. I did meet some people at the playgroups. I actually met most of the people I got to know while working as an au pair through playgroups. One of my closest friends from the U.K. didn't go to playgroup, as she didn't have any kids or looked after any, but we got introduced by a mutual friend from one of the playgroups.

Chesterfield, where I lived in England, was also a big town. Everything I needed was within walking distance. Loads of shops, pubs, gym, library etc. Whereas here there is a small shopping center type thing with just the basics... And no clothes! So even if I randomly get to know someone, maybe through the family I'm staying with, there isn't really anywhere close to meet up. It's times like this it would be nice to have a licence and a car.

At the hostel I got to meet some great people (and some not so great), there was loads to do, and yes I know it was IN Sydney, but still. The hostel arranged things and there was loads to do all the time and everything was nearby.

I've never really thought of myself as a people person. I am fine on my own, I rarely feel lonely. But after staying at the hostel in Sydney and meeting so many new people, and we all did things together. Someone would suggest something and we would do it. While when I'm on my own I am a lot lazier, I think about how I will have to check when I can go with the family, order tickets, get on the bus/train/plane, and I'm just like: "Meh..."

If I set my mind to it it's fine, I will do it, or if I only have myself to think about. Like when I came to Australia, I had no problems booking and traveling then because I didn't have to check with anyone when it was ok that I went... So I guess maybe it's not so much the hostel I miss, or the people, but the independence?

But I do miss the people a lot as well... Even though I don't mind the booking and travelling on my own, I can't always think of things to do. When there are other people involved I get to do and see a lot more because they might think of more things to do than I do.

I'm probably just being silly. I guess now after staying at a hostel and having 4 days completely packed where I have been doing things from I got up til I went to bed, it just feels weird not doing anything. I am though. I went to Redcliffe last weekend, and this Saturday I might be going into Brisbane. And I'm going away with my host family for Christmas, so I get to see more then... And If I manage to save up most of my money now that I'm working, I'm thinking maybe I'll get one of those bus passes for my next 6 months where I can just hop on and off the coaches, live at hostels (hopeful I know) and hopefully meet more people and do loads of things.

This turned into a weird post... This is pretty much how my brain works, people. I confuse myself sometimes... But I think it's safe to say that I won't mind staying at a hostel again!


Kaby said...

Hi. You'll be fine. It's weird.It's different. It's gonna take some time. You're not alone. I'm 15 k away - I have a license and a car. I'll kidnap you one day you have off. Stress not.

....Petty Witter said...

Two very different experiences by the sound of it. It's still early days yet and I'm sure you'll soon feel more settled.

Kaby said...

I've just been reading about the horrible events in Norway and thinking of how you must be feeling. I imagine your heartstrings are wishing you were home. It's tough enough knowing something like this happens to your people, but putting so many kilometres between you and your loved ones at this time makes it much, much, harder. I hope you're okay and strong.


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