Thursday, 24 May 2012

Back to reality

This morning my granddad came over. He needed some help with writing a letter to an insurance company. Since mum had to go to work I helped him out. Then, when I finished, he gave me money! Thanks granddad! At least I worked for them. Easy work as well.

Well, I finally know when I'll be going to Oslo. It's not for another 2 weeks, but at least I can start sending in applications for jobs now. Which is what I've been doing today.

It's such a mission! I of course had to start with updating my CV. Then I actually had to apply for jobs..! Writing application letters again. I've not had to do that for a couple of years! I always get a little stuck on what to write, especially when I apply for jobs where I might not have all the right qualifications but try to make the ones I do have sound like enough.

There is also the problem of having an Australian keyboard when writing in Norwegian as there is three more letters in Norwegian: æ, ø and å (and we use them A LOT!).

Online applications is a bitch as well (pardon my French). Why ask the same questions 5 times and 50 random questions? I guess it's to make people prove that they can think originally or something, but still. It's just annoying, can't they ask those questions at the interview?

I ended up only applying for 3 jobs today. It took me so long to sort the new outline for the application letter out, but at least now I have it, so hopefully I will be able to write the proper applications quicker now. I'll try to apply for some more jobs tomorrow. 


Kaby said...

Hey Lily

Guess I'm annoyed at myself that for months you were 30 ks from me and I should have met you. Forgive me! Good luck with the job apps - what sort of jobs are you seeking?

Lilly said...

I know! I'm annoyed at myself for that too!
Thank you. I'm applying for office and reception jobs etc, because I'd really like to try that, and then I'm also just applying for jobs in stores and supermarkets, which is probably more likely that I'll get since I have experience from that.


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