Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kuala Lumpur - Part 1

Written on: 06.05.12

I got to Kuala Lumpur around 11am this morning after travelling since 12pm yesterday from Darwin. It took about an hour to get into the city with the taxi. The taxi driver was very nice and warned me about which taxis I shouldn’t take in the city and told me about some places to see.

I treated myself to a single room in a hotel in KL, although I’m not sure I can say I treated myself when it cost around the same as a hostel dorm in Australia. I will write more about the hotel in a post of its own.

After I had taken a quick shower and changed my clothes to “wash the journey off” I walked to the Pavilion shopping centre.

 The reason I thought of going to KL at all was because of this blog by Su. The main Delectable shop is in Mid Valley City in KL, but since it’s my first day I decided to just go to the small shop inside the Pavilion… Mmmmm… So many yummy treats!! I wanted to buy all of them! I decided on one of the giant macaroons, it was really yummy! I’ll probably buy some more treats when I go to the big shop in Mid Valley.
 As I had forgotten to ask for a map at the hotel I just walked around in the Pavilion and the shops on the street between it and the hostel, since I’m here for almost a week I’ve got plenty of time to explore the rest on other days.

I also bought an adapter as I was walking around the city. I haven’t got a working phone until I’m back in Norway, but I’ve got free Wi-Fi at the hotel, but that doesn’t really mean much if I can’t charge my laptop…

I had a quick look around in the souvenir shops when I was walking around the city, just checking the prices of postcards and looking for stickers for my suitcase. I want a Kuala Lumpur sticker, and also a Malaysian flag sticker, but I couldn’t find any stickers! I hope I find some when I have more of a look around the city in the next few days.

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