Friday, 4 May 2012

Darwin - Part 1

Written on: 01.05.12

Today I just walked around Darwin for a bit. It’s a small city, but it does take a while to walk everywhere, or maybe it just seems that way because it’s so warm! I’m sure glad I didn’t come in the middle of summer, right now it’s just slightly warmer than what would be considered perfect. For me anyway.
 It’s nice to see so many aboriginals around, I think this is the first place, except for Cairns that I’ve seen quite a few of them around the city.

When I went for my walk I walked past an outdoor cinema. Dec chair cinema I think it was called. I bet it would be fun to watch a movie there, under the stars, with some friends or a nice guy… Where was I?
 After the outdoor cinema I got to Survivor’s Lookout. Don’t ask me why it’s called that, there were so many signs to read and I was thirsty so I didn’t have the patience to read them to find out anything. It was a nice lookout in a pretty location though.
 Since I was so thirsty I walked to the city centre to hunt down a bottle of water, I didn’t bring one with me because the only one I had was a 1.5liter one. After I got some water I went to the Tourist Information Centre to see if there are any interesting tours to do in the area. And I found one that I am doing tomorrow.
The old Town Hall ruins
 After I had booked my tour I went to the Chinese Temple. It is really beautiful. I wish there had been someone there that I could have found out more about it from, what everything symbolises etc.

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