Friday, 4 May 2012

Perth - Part 3

Written on: 28.04.12

I went to the library in Perth this morning, figuring the internet would be better than at the hostel so that I could finally post some more of my blog posts that was accumulating on my laptop. The computer area is quite big and there are loads of places to sit and plugs for your laptops. The internet time is limited to four hours. I don’t know if it’s per day or for each time you log on, but that was fine, I didn’t think it would take longer than for hours anyway. It was also a limit to 100MB downloads and 100MB uploads. I never pay attention to what I use, but hoped it would be under.
 The internet was really slow. The slowest internet I’ve encountered in a library. The internet at the hostel was actually better. I’m used to internet at libraries being quicker. But at least I got to post one more of my blog posts and the rest will just have to wait until another time I’ve got proper internet connection.

Written on: 29.04.12

Today I went on a mini road trip with the manager of the hostel. We went to Serpentine Falls and Rockingham.

There were people swimming in Serpentine Falls, I didn’t really feel like it as I’ve just recovered from a bad cold, but it was beautiful just seeing the place. There are normally kangaroos there but because it had been raining heavily this morning they were hiding.
 Rockingham was nice too. We just walked along the beach for a bit and then stopped and had some dinner before going back to the hostel as the manager had to be back there for the evening shift.

Perth seems like an okay city, I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It has more of a big city feel than the rest of the cities in Australia, but maybe that’s just because I’ve spent so much time in smaller places lately. One thing I really don’t like about it is how rubbish it is for pedestrians. Some of the crossings, where there is traffic lights, there is a button to push for pedestrians but no light for pedestrians! So I had to try and look at the lights for the cars and just run across when I thought it would be safe. At some other junctions there wasn’t a pedestrian crossing at all, almost making me wonder if pedestrians weren’t allowed on the other side of that junction.

There are some old buildings here and some new buildings, and some very “modern” new buildings. There seems to be construction work going on everywhere I look. Perth seems to have a lot of plans for the future. I think it would be interesting to go back in 5-10 years and see how much it has changed in that time.

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