Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kuala Lumpur - Part 4


Today I took the monorail AND the train! Impressive, right? It’s actually a nice way to get around. Kuala Lumpur is so big and so spread out and not very pedestrian friendly that it’s just easier and safer to just get the monorail or train. It’s also really cheap.

I went to Perdana Botanical gardens first. It was really nice, although, because of my map which isn’t to scale and also doesn’t have all the roads on it, I did miss out on a lot of the park. Maybe I’ll go back another day.

Getting from The park to KL sentral, the train station, was a nightmare! It seems I always have to cross the motorway, or at least a very busy road all the time in this city. And often I have to walk on the side of the busy road, which is made even more of a nightmare when I have to walk with traffic so that I can’t see what’s coming up behind me!

I did make it to the station alive however, and I jumped on the train to Mid Valley.  The trains are quite cool; they have 3 carriages, and the middle one is for women only!

What did I do in Mid Valley? Go to the big Delectable shop of course! If I ever get married I would love to get Su to make my cake!

I bought a giant macaroon and three cupcakes; Teddy, Lulu and Wendy. They were all very yummy! I think my favourite was Lulu. I wouldn’t suggest getting more than one if you’re going to eat them all on your own and don’t have a fridge though; they’re a bit sickly.

All I have left to do in Kuala Lumpur now is to get up early and go into the Petronas Twin Towers and to try bubble tea. I found out about bubble tea when Su wrote about it on her blog once, then I saw it some places in Australia. But I decided that since it’s Asian, I wanted to wait with trying it until I was actually in Asia. 

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