Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cube Hotel Buket Bintang

In Kuala Lumpur I treated myself to a hotel instead of a hostel. The single room I got was about the same as a shared dorm room in Australia, so in a way I guess I wasn’t really treating myself!

The staff at the hotel all looked really young! But they seemed competent enough.

After all those dorms the room seemed really small, but I guess it’s probably standard single bed room in hotels, and of course it gets smaller because of the bathroom.

There is no window at all, and it gets really warm, but there is air con in the room. At least I don’t have to worry about any mozzies coming in during the night or anything. But it was annoying waking up and not having any idea if it was still in the middle of the night or not. It was also a bit annoying not knowing what the weather was like, although KL is warm no matter what.

There was a TV in the room. There aren’t many channels on the TV, and not many I can actually understand, but it’s nice to have something to watch sometimes, even if I did just keep it on the same channel all the time.

I really didn’t like the bathroom though. It was very small and the whole bathroom turned into a shower. The shower is right over the toilet so you have to remember to go to the toilet first unless you feel like sitting on a wet toilet. The shower also had so low pressure that it took me ages to wet my hair and rinse all the shampoo out.

It was a nice hotel though, the staff was nice, the reception was nice, modern and clean. They didn’t clean your room unless you asked for it, which I think was a good idea, no point getting a new towel or anything every single day. I just put my bin outside my door when it was full so that they emptied it for me.

The hotel is close to pretty much everything you need and there is a monorail stop right around the corner for when you want to see things that are in other parts of the city.

Cube Hotel

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