Friday, 11 May 2012

Kuala Lumpur - Part 3

Written on: 08.05.12

I’m still alive!

I decided to explore a different part of Kuala Lumpur today. So I got on the monorail and headed to China Town.

China town here is quite big and there are so many beautiful buildings here. I had a look inside a Chinese temple, I had to leave my shoes outside. It was really beautiful both inside and outside.
 I hadn’t had any breakfast yet so when I headed past a small stall that sold some things that I had never seen before I decided to try something new. I have no idea what I ate (the yellow thing), but it tasted okay.
 After wandering around for a bit I got to the Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque). It was beautiful as well. I had to wear a head scarf and a robe, and since I’m not Muslim I was not allowed to actually walk inside the mosque, but just walking around it and looking inside was enough.

 After wandering around some more I got to the Kuala Lumpur city gallery. Inside was a brief history of Kuala Lumpur, a nice 3D model of the city and “Arch”, a company that makes wooden things, like 3D buildings and just decorative objects, or just bookmarks. It was really impressive to see what they’re able to make.

 I strolled back to China Town and Central Market, which is a big building with food, clothes, art and crafts. It was fun to just have a look around, and I found a pretty wrap skirt there as well.

 I also bought a nice bracelet from a monk in one of the other streets in China Town where there were loads of stalls. It was quite strange actually; when you go down a street with a market in it you expect it to be only pedestrian right? Not here. There were random cars and motorbikes whizzing down the street so that they kind of push you into the stalls... Maybe they’re in cahoots with the stall workers?
 When I took the monorail back to the stop near the hotel I walked into the shopping centre at the monorail stop: Berjaya Times Square. It’s MASSIVE!! KL seems to have a lot of shopping centres, but this I think is the biggest one. I’m not sure if I would be able to see all of it in one day, because it’s so big. 10 floors! And some parts are kind of “hidden” away. My feet were too tired from all the walking I had done earlier so I didn’t spend a lot of time in Times Square.
Just a teeny-tiny part of Times Square!
 After relaxing at the hotel for a couple of hours I went back outside to get some dinner. I decided to go back to the Pavilion; even though it’s much smaller than Times Square I still hadn’t seen all of it. I headed down part of the top floor that I hadn’t seen, and there was Tokyo Street!
 It was really fun to just walk around that part and look at the shops; there are so many cool things in Japanese shops! In the end I did find somewhere to have dinner, in Tokyo Street. One of the few vegetarian options they had was spring onion fried rice inside an omelette. I’ve never had fried rice in an omelette before, but it was really tasty!

Oh! I finally found a Malaysian flag sticker today, now I just need a Kuala Lumpur one.

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