Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eurovision embarrassment!

If you for some reason really don't want to know who won Eurovision tonight, don't read this post!

I don't normally like the songs Norway enter into Eurovision with. Like Rybakk, I liked the violin, but his singing was horrible. This year I actually liked the song though. Tooji is quite good. He's not even a singer, he works in child protective services and wants to continue doing so, but that's besides the point. Here is the song from Norway if you haven't seen or heard it;
I like it. I know people's taste in music is different, but I at least thought we would get some points in the competition. It looked dire for a while. Not a single point! Even the UK got points! And theirs was HORRIBLE!! Creepy old guy that couldn't sing!
Norway got 7 points, all together, and that was after 3 countries voted for us! Terrible! Last place!! It's horrible! Less than the UK! I really can't believe it! I thought at least Sweden would be nice and give us 12 points or something, but no.

Sweden got nineteen 12's by the way! Nearly half the 12's in the competition, beat Rybakk's 16, but didn't beat his points. At least Sweden was worthy winners of the competition.
Although it would have been funny if Russia had won the competition! It was close for a while. They're not very good, but they're super cute!
But I'm truly embarrassed on the voters' behalf that they gave the UK more points than Norway, being at the bottom wouldn't have been so bad if the UK wasn't above us!

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