Sunday, 6 May 2012

Darwin - Part 3

Written on: 03.05.12

I have been starting to get things ready before I leave Australia on Saturday today. I got some gifts for people, they’re souvenirs, but they’re “proper” ones, so I won’t be giving them away until birthdays and Christmas.

Since it’s Thursday the Mindil Beach Sunset market is on, they are only on Thursdays and Sundays during the dry season, so they actually only started back up again last week. I went there with a Scottish Girl in my dorm.

A few minutes after we got there it started raining heavily; luckily it only lasted for about 15 minutes. 
It was mostly food stalls at the market. The guide yesterday said it was about two thirds food, and it was probably true, maybe half instead of 2/3. The other stalls were okay, loads of jewellery and other typical market stuff; it was all really expensive though. They probably put the prices up because it’s such a popular market so they know they’ll sell some things anyway. I only got some food though. I got a vegetable spring roll, and then a nutella crepe for dessert. The crepe was nice, but very sickly.

We also watched the sunset at Mindil Beach. It was beautiful! There were so many people on the beach. I don’t know how many people there is on Mindil Beach during the day, but it almost looked like it was a typical Australian beach during the day with the amount of people that was there watching the sunset. And the atmosphere was just great. People had brought chairs with them and were sitting on the beach and the grass and just having a good time. 

The market just got busier and busier the later it got, so I’m glad we came early so that we could have a look around the stalls before it got too busy and then just chill out on the other side of the stalls, out of everyone’s way.

Tomorrow’s an exciting day… Laundry day!! Hopefully last load until I get back to Norway. It’s amazing how exciting laundry day is now that I’m travelling. I’m far too happy about clean clothes.

Written on: 04.05.12

So I did some laundry today. I wasn’t allowed to use the machine until 2pm, and there are only 2 machines. I got there a couple of minutes after 2 and another girl was doing some laundry as well. The machine that was left didn’t have any hot water… I know you can wash clothes in cold water, but I never feel like it gets clean in cold water. But because I didn’t want to risk losing the machine to somebody else and not get to do my laundry today I put it in the “cold” machine.

When I got the washing out I saw that I was right not to trust the cold wash. The clothes that had stains on them still had stains on them. But what can I do? I don’t want to pay to wash them again. I just hope that at least the sweat and stuff has been washed out of them so that I won’t stink. I HATE it when I can’t wash my clothes properly though! HATE IT! Maybe I’ll find some cheap clothes in Malaysia…

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