Challenges/Games 2011

Here are my challenges for 2011, wish me luck!

I found this challenge through Pen and Paper, but it originates from What's in a name 4, for the rules and to sign up press HERE. I figured since I'm already participating in the 100+ reading challenge (further down), I might as well join another one as well.
1. A book with a number in the title: 31 DREAM STREET - Lisa Jewell

2. A book with jewelery or a gem in the title:

3. A book with size in the title:

4. A book with travel or movement in the title: TO THE MOON AND BACK - Jill Mansell

5 A book with evil in the title: WORLD FAMOUS SERIAL KILLERS - Colin and Damon Wilson

6. A book with a life stage in the title: THE PILOT'S WIFE - Anita Shreve


I have been reading Tracy's(...Petty Witter) blog: Pen and Paper for a while. She is participating in the 100+ reading challenge (click here to see how she's getting along), started by My Overstuffed Bookshelf. I really enjoy reading her reviews, and her book reviews have made me add a lot of books to my "Book I want to Read" list.

Anyway. I decided I want to join the challenge as well. I don't know if I'll actually manage to read 100 books, but it will be fun just to see how many books I'll manage to get through in a year. This will also be the first time ever that I'm counting how many books I'm reading. I'm starting it now, in May, as I can't remember all the books I've read earlier this year. Instead of just reading the books, I will also try to write a post about each about what I thought of the book etc. You can find my list of books and links to the posts about them below.

If you want to see the rules and/or join in, just click the linked up "My overstuffed Bookshelf" above.



1. THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY - by Patricia Highsmith


3. THE ADULTERESS - by Philippa Carr (Victoria Holt)
4. THE ROMANCE READER - by Pearl Abraham
5. I THINK I LOVE YOU - by Allison Pearson
6. THE GARDEN PARTY - Sarah Challis
7. A PERFECT PROPOSAL - Katie Fforde
8. POSTSECRET - Frank Warren


10. BETRAYAL - Karin Alvtegen
11. TO THE MOON AND BACK - Jill Mansell
12. 31 DREAM STREET - Lisa Jewell
13. WORLD FAMOUS SERIAL KILLERS - Colin and Damon Wilson
14. GUILTY CREATURES - Sue Welfare


15. YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY - Carole Matthews
16. THE PILOT'S WIFE - Anita Shreve
17. LOVE STRUCK - Melanie La'Brooy
18. 3,096 DAYS - Natascha Kampusch
19. TRAFALGAR TRUE - Stephen Cosgrove
20. POSSUM MAGIC - Mem Fox (Same as 19.)
21. THE VELVETEEN RABBIT - Maggie Downer (Same as 19.)


22. THE CHILDREN'S TREASURY - Edited by Alice Mills
23. LET'S GET A PUP! - Bob Graham
24. DR. SEUSS ABC - Dr. Seuss
25. THE CAT IN THE HAT - Dr. Seuss (same as 24.)
26. THE CAT IN THE HAT COMES BACK - Dr. Seuss (same as 24.)
27. GREEN EGGS AND HAM - Dr. Seuss (same as 24.)
28. FOX IN SOCKS - Dr. Seuss (same as 24.)
29. WOOD ANGEL - Erin Bow
31. ARE YOU MY MOTHER? - P. D. Eastman (same as 30.)
32. WHERE DID I COME FROM? - Peter Mayle (same as 30.)
33. THE VANISHINGS - Michael Panckridge
34. GIRL MEETS APE - Chris Manby
35. TICKLE HIS PICKLE - Dr. Sadie Allison


36. IN HER SHOES - Jennifer Weiner
37. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Elizabeth Noble


38. THE WISH LIST - Melanie La'Brooy
39. SERENDIPITY - Melanie La'Brooy


40. THE TIME OF MY LIFE - Cecelia Ahern
41. FUNHOUSE - Diane Hoh
42. BEACH HOUSE - R. L. Stine
43. THE BOY HE LEFT BEHIND - Mark Matousek
44. GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES - Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm and Edna Henry Lee Turpin (Same as 43.)
45. THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW AND OTHER STORIES - Washington Irving (Same as 43.)

30 Day Photographic Challenge (June)

Click here to see the challenge and the links to each post as I'm completing the challenge.


Alphabet Game (May)

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