Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another sunny day!

I think it's only been 2, maybe 3 days, since I've come to Australia where the weather has been overcast and with a few drops of rain. It's strange to be in a place that's so sunny!! I've been to sunny places on holiday, but that's been for a maximum of 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I LOVE it!!

I really hope I get "used to" the temperature before summer. If not I'll melt like ice cream! It's so strange to see people in winter coats and scarves and everything just because it's winter! I have probably written this before, but it's the same temperature here now that it is in Norway now... Only in Norway it's summer!

I saw some pretty birds today. I've not really noticed them before because they kind of blend in with the trees.

I think it's amazing that the kind of birds and animals that I could normally just see in zoo's at home, and often not even that, are just randomly about here, I can actually see them in the wild!

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