Monday, 1 August 2011

Pudding/Dinner ideas.

The family I live with has pudding/dessert just about every day, and I think it would be nice to make it for them occasionally. I'm usually at home with the youngest kid anyway and I can bake and cook when he's sleeping (he's a bit too young to help yet) or when the oldest is back from school. I would also like to cook dinner sometimes. 

So I am asking you, my blogosphere friends, and anyone just popping by, to please give me ideas to what I can cook/bake. I will try and remember to take pictures of what I make and put it on here, and I will of course credit you if I use your idea. Just leave me a link to a recipe, either on your own blog, someone else's blog or one you've just found on the internet, or you can write your recipe in the comments. 

If possible I will make something at least once a week, so there will be a regular cooking post. 

Just some information for any recipes you would like to give me:
  • We all LOOOOOVE chocolate!
  • I'm allergic to shellfish
  • We don't eat a lot of fish, the mum and the oldest kid likes it, but not the rest of us
  • We eat a lot of meat, but I think it would be nice with some more meals with just veg.
I hope you will all give me some fun tings to make, I love trying new things. I will try to make some Norwegian meals of course, but it's nice to try other things as well.

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