Sunday, 7 August 2011

I spent 10 minutes trying to open the bathroom door this morning!

So do you remember yesterdays post about the dead spider?

Well this morning I was getting ready as usual in the bathroom when suddenly I noticed something dark above the door reflected in the mirror. Please don't be a spider I thought before I looked up at it.

It was a spider. Another huntsman. But alive this time!!

I don't really scream, and I didn't when I saw it either, but I did feel like exiting the bathroom through the window. Which I probably would have if it was possible without breaking it.

Instead I spent about 10  minutes "manning up", trying to reach for the doorknob to get out. As soon as I got out I went into the kitchen where S, the mother, was and told her about it. Luckily she's not bothered about them so she handed over her youngest while she went and sprayed the big bad monster.
S: Usually they fall down when you spray them.
Me: Usually?
S: Yeah, this one's still on the wall.
I just shuddered at this.

When she got it down from the wall she came and asked me if I wanted to come and take a picture of it. I looked at it from around the corner. "No thanks, that would mean actually having to look at it a few more times!" So J, the father, threw it out, While S told me it was still twitching!

Hopefully (or not) I might not be quite as scared of them after I've been here for a while and maybe seen more of them... Possibly... Although I doubt it.


Kaby said...

Oh Lilly. What a fabulous story, but you poor thing. Even though I've lived here forever, I still don't like spiders. Remember that huntsmen ones are harmless, so even though enormous, they only way they can kill you is if you die of fright. :-) Years ago when I was really sooky (I was afraid of spraying and hated swatting them), I had the idea of just vaccuuming him up. Somehow I had this idea I'd be a fair distance away but he'd still die. It took forever - I swear he clung to the perimeter of the vacuum hose, but I persisted. Later on, I had dreams of him escaping the vaccuum cleaner, the cupboard, the hallway and stalking me for his revenge. I had to get up in the middle of the night and take the vaccuum bag out to the outside rubbish bin.

....Petty Witter said...

Sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh but the thought of you 'manning up' to this critter for 10 minutes had me gigling until the tears flowed.

Lilly said...

Kaby - I know Huntsmen aren't poisonous, that doesn't make me any less scared of them though unfortunately, I'm just as scared of spiders in Norway and the UK and none of them are poisonous! Or maybe not quite as scared as they're a lot smaller. I used to hoover/vacuum up spiders there though, and I do know what you mean when you say you're scared it might escape the hoover.
...Petty Witter - I laugh about it a little bit when I think back on it too, but I also know I will do it all again when I see the next spider!


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