Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Australia Zoo!

I went to Australia Zoo with my host family on Sunday, it was great!
I got to hold a koala, a snake and a baby alligator! ...or was it crocodile? Anyway. The snake felt fake! It felt like it was made of plastic or rubber or something! And it was REALLY heavy! The koala didn't smell very nice, I actually changed my top after holding it, but it was really soft ad I wanted to take it home with me.

And they didn't have any live spiders! Which was very nice as I don't think I could have handled more after the one I met the same morning!

 The bird below looks absolutely prehistoric!
 It's hard to believe that dingoes are actually fairly dangerous animals, they're just so cute!

I also got to fed and pet some kangaroos, they were really soft, I just wanted to grab it and cuddle it! I don't think it would be a good idea to actually do it though!
 I thought the lizard below was a snake at first as I didn't see it's legs. It wasn't in a cage or anything just by the path we were walking, and I just said "Oh hey, another snake!" very calmly but at the same time excited about seeing a snake, and the person next to me nearly freaked out. Then I noticed it's legs and said so and they calmed down. It wasn't until this point I realized I probably shouldn't be so calm about seeing something I thought was a snake that wasn't in a cage.


If you're a resident Queenslander you can buy a ticket for the zoo before 31st of August (I think it was...) and it gives you free re-entrance until Christmas! Great deal as it costs the same as a single day pass!

1 comment:

Kevin Newman said...

It would have most likely been a crocodile :)

Also, dingoes aren't actually as dangerous as people think they are...

They have a personality which is more like a cat than a dog and are easily trained, hence why they can be walked around zoos and parks with no troubles.

They just got a bad rap because of the whole Azaria Chamberlain case.


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