Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Potato balls

As I said in my earlier post I was going to make a Norwegian dish called potato balls today. I think they might have something like it in some other countries, and the way it's made and eaten (like "condiments") varies all around Norway.
I don't actually have a recipe for it, it's more of a "dash of this, dollop of that"-kind of thing.
I start out with some smoked pork on the bone, I got a small hock today as it was the only smoked pork in the store. That's supposed to boil for 3 hours, so the rest of the stuff is put in according to when the meat was started.
To make the potato balls I grate some potato, add flour and mix, until when I've got cold water on my hands and shape the balls they don't stick to my hands. I make a hole and add some raw bacon then close the hole and put it into the water (carefully so it doesn't go everywhere) with the meat when there is 1.5-1 hour left of the cooking time.
After I put the balls in I start peeling the carrots and swede and put those in when there is 45 minutes left. I also put some potato in it today as I peeled two too many (I peeled 7 BIG ones)
I fried the rest of the bacon that I bought and put that over it all when I served it up.
The girl didn't really like it, neither did the grandmother, but the mother liked it. She's also planning some "Aussie changes" to it. So I'll write more about that if that happens! I don't think it turned out too bad for being just the second time I made it from scratch!


....Petty Witter said...

All was going so well until you made the mention of pork.

Lilly said...

My mother has made it without meat once for my aunt while she was vegan, so that's possible. I don't know how that will taste though. I think she used some stock or something instead of boiling the pork, and then obviously didn't add the bacon to it.


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