Monday, 29 August 2011


As I was playing outside in the sandpit with the youngest today a dog walked up the driveway.

I looked down the driveway and road to see if I could spot an owner, but there was no one there. Then I tried to get closer to the doggie to double check that it didn't have a name tag or anything, but he seemed scared and would come close, so I sat back down and played with the youngest. I'm actually a bit worried about how scared he was, every time I lifted my hand he would cower and walk away a little bit, I hope no one has hurt him or anything... Although that's what it seemed like.

After a while the dog started moving a little bit closer and I could see there was nothing around his neck or anything, so every time I spoke to him I just called him Doggie. I took a picture of him and sent to the mother and asked if she knew whose it was, and the dog followed me to the granny flat in the back so I could ask the grandmother if she knew anything. Neither of them did.
I felt sorry for Doggie, and I wanted him to be somewhere fairly safe so I though I'd try and look after him until we found the owner or got someone to pick him up, the mother said she would look for the number f RSPCA. As we have a cat I didn't want to let the dog inside the house, so instead I made it follow me into the back garden and I gave him a bowl of water and some chicken.
While the dog was in the back the cat was following him and looking at him through the window, I think she might have been teasing him... Typical cat behavior. Then I got a text from the mother saying she would make a couple of posters to put up at the local Woolies as she thought it might belong to this elderly man she'd seen walking a dog in the mornings.

Not long after the mother's text I noticed that I hadn't seen Doggie through the window in a while. I walked outside and looked in all of the back garden, but unfortunately he wasn't there anymore. As the cat is an indoor cat the garden isn't really pet-proof, and there is a couple of places Doggie might have gotten out. I haven't seen him anymore today...

I hope he's okay and that he's found his owner. I don't think it's too long since he ran away though as he only had a tiny bit of the water, and no chicken, so at least he wasn't starving or anything. I'm really more of a cat person, but I felt very sorry for the little doggie.


Kaby said...

Lilly, I really like how you are so caring. The Doggie story confirmed that. I'm sure he's home again, now.

....Petty Witter said...

Ah you are so sweet. I'm sure Doggie will have made his way home, he just wanted to stop by for a visit.


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