Saturday, 13 August 2011

Love struck

Book number 17 in the 100+ Reading Challenge

Love Struck
by Melanie La'Brooy

Outer back cover: Following an alcohol-induced, relationship-combusting one-night stand, Isabelle Beckett finds herself suddenly single. Caught up in her big city career with an art auction house, her life is an enviable whirl of glamorous gallery openings, avant-garde ironing boards, and once-in-a-lifetime discoveries.
That is, until Isabelle faces the fact that being single in Sydney is an experience for which she is quite unprepared. Forced to contend with hostile taxi drivers, fanged spiders in the shower and the humiliation of being discovered by her latest crush in a wetsuit-tutu combo, she struggles to retain her dignity and belief in romantic destiny. And then, just when she seems to be regaining control of life, Isabelle finds herself on the hit list of a Serial Dater.

Another book I found in the bookshelf of my host family. The book made me laugh out loud a few times, it also made me think "Finally someone more afraid of spiders than what I am!".

Isabelle is the typical chick-lit heroine, most women will be able to recognize themselves with her in some way or another. She gets into a lot of weird situations and meet a lot of strange people, which most of the time just makes the book funnier, while at other times I was just mentally shaking my head thinking "You have got to be kidding me!". I would have loved for the book to go on for a bit longer to see what happened next, but at the same time it was a satisfactory ending.

My favourite part of the book was Isabelle's and Jack's meeting in the park, just because of the dialogue between them.

I enjoyed the book while reading it, but it's one of those book I can read and easily forget about as there is nothing particularly memorable about it.

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