Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Children's Treasury

My 22nd book in the 100+ Book Reading Challenge.

The Children's Treasury
Edited by Alice Mills

Outer back cover: This beautiful anthology will bring many hours of pleasure to children and adults. It contains the well-known an popular fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes, and nonsense poems ans stories, as well as a few surprises. It is lavishly illustrated in colour throughout using illustrations by famous children's book illustrators as well as specially commissioned illustrations.

Being Norwegian there are a lot of English nursery rhymes and poems etc that I've heard about, through tv, movies and books, and it was nice to get to read quite a few of them in this book.
Some of the nursery rhymes I'd heard about but not read was: Three blind mice, Jack Spratt, Peter Piper, Jack and Jill and Litte Miss Muffet.

I had also heard most of the fairy tales before, but sometimes a slightly different version. Classic fairy tales gets retold all the time though, and people make new versions of them, so I guess it's kind of hard to know how, exactly, the original was. Many of the fairy tales has been made into Disney Classics, and it was fun to rad how the "original" story differed from the Disney version.

I quite enjoyed this book, and I think for parents and carers it's a nice book to have, just to be able to read the stories to kids.

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Leslie said...

My oldest daughter was just asking the name of her favorite nursery ryme book ~ I think that it is one of those!!! Thanks, now I am going to look it up and see if I can find one.

Hope that you are having a great weekend.


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