Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Let's get a pup!

Book number 23 in the 100+ Reading Challenge

Let's get a pup!
by Bob Graham

Outer back cover: At the Rescue Center, there are dogs of all shapes and sizes. Kate knows which one she wants, though, the moment she sees him. He's small and he's cute and he gats all excited. To Kate, Dave is everything a dog could be.

The girl borrowed this book at the school library and read it for me (cute, I know).

Very cute story about dogs, I liked the fact that they used a Rescue Center for the family to find a dog.

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cherrylej said...

i love bloggers who aslo love to read. i'm onto a reading challenge as well and at this point in time, i have just read 10 books out of 50. still have a long way to go :) have a good day and belated happy blogiversary!


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