Sunday, 4 September 2011

The 20 Questions of Doom meme

I found this meme at Sunday Stealing, if you want to join in there is a Mister Linky on their page, and if you could also please leave a link below for me to check your answers out that would be great!

1. Do you believe in Heaven? I think there is something after death, whether it's heaven or something else I don't know.
2. Have you ever come close to dying? Yes, I banged my head against a stone wall while playing football/soccer once and lost part of my hearing, the doctor said that if it had been just a little bit up or to the side I could have been dead or brain-dead. Losing part of my hearing isn't really too bad when I look at it like that...
3. What jewelery do you wear 24/7? Nothing, I should wear earrings 24/7 though as the holes close up quickly, I just forget to put them back in when I've taken them out (like when I swap them for some I can't wear at night)
4. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? This is a tricky one. I want to say no, but I can't know what will happen in the future, so maybe.
5. What do you wear to bed? Singlet and pyjama shorts in summer, singlet and pyjama trousers in winter, if it's really cold I might throw on some socks and a jumper as well.
6. Have you ever done anything illegal? I bought a bottle of Scotch in Edinburgh when I was 18 and brought it with me back to Norway where you have to be 20 to buy spirits and wines, not allowed to take it into th country if you're not 20 either.
7. Who was the last person that you touched? There was a girl at the party last night that hugged me before I left.
8. Where did you eat last? In the living-room, breakfast.
9. Besides your own blog, are there any that you routinely read but never comment on? I usually comment on all the blogs I read, maybe not on every post, but I won't read a blog and NEVER comment on it.
10. Ever been involved with the police? I called them a couple of times when I worked in the pub, and me and some friends once found a bag with tools hidden next to a house that we handed to the police, but I've never been arrested or questioned or anything like that.
11. Do you talk in your sleep? Not as far as I know, but I snore, so that's more than enough.
12. Now a celebrity fantasy. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend? Urgh, three of us!? Too much work. 
13. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life? Not really but I'm still young, and I've had a fairly good life.
14. Where do you wish you were? Everywhere.
15. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Yes, one of my friend cut herself so I called the ambulance and went with her in it.
16. Is there any type of dancing that you love to do? Swing, I'm not very good anymore though, but I used to do it regularly a few years ago. I also quite like ballroom dancing, but I haven't done that in a while either, I just step on people's toes now.
17. Last gift you received? I think it was a top that was too small for the mother so she gave it to me.
18. Last sport you played? I felt really lazy as I had to think about this one for a while, but I was "shootin' some hoops" with the netball hoop outside the house a few weeks ago.
19. Last place you went on holiday? Well I've come here on a working holiday, does that count? Before I came to Australia my last holiday was to Trondheim I think.
20. Current Song? Is that current favourite song? If so I don't really know, but one of the songs I can't get enough of at the minute is Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn. I like it "Old School"!


Mr. Lance said...

Walking in Memphis is a Great song! excellent choice.

Marites said...

#2 is such a scary experience. #12 we had the same thought hehehehe!

Shahz said...

HEy, I would like to learn how to swing.heheh

Tethered Mommy said...

Your #2 is scary too! Thanks for stopping by :)

Classic NYer said...

Urgh, three of us!? Too much work.

Haha, you know, you're right about that!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to stop back any time. :-)

Kwizgiver said...

I think a working holiday counts!

Thanks for visiting my Sunday Stealing.


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