Friday, 23 September 2011


The dog I've told you about before started following me as I was going for a walk on Wednesday.

It started following me close to home, and followed me for quite a bit. I figured that if it followed me all the way to the shops, which is only about 15mins from where we live, then I'd take him to the vet there.

Doggie followed me across the first road, then suddenly I head a car brake. I turned and looked behind me with my heart racing. Doggie must have turned and crossed the road again just as we'd gotten across. He made it. Luckily. And he just kept running, hopefully home to his owners.

I think he might belong to one of the next-door neighbours. I feel like telling them to put a frigging collar on him. If he is theirs though, why don't they make their back garden more doggie-proof? The nearest road isn't the busiest, but that doesn't mean he can't get hurt.

Since my last post about him he's come up to the house a couple more times, but.not close enough for me to put him in the back garden again.

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Leslie said...

awwww. . he's looking for a friend.


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