Sunday, 25 September 2011


I'm taking a walk on the beach before my trip to stradbroke island when suddenly I saw a cluster of life savers. They send out a boat and jet skis and hold up the red and white flags.

People start getting out of the water, not that there were many in there as it's quite early and the weather isn't great today. I guess the red and white flags mean get out of the water.

I started thinking maybe there has been another shark sighting as I've seen on the news that there has been some of them in the last few days. So I walked over to one of the life savers and asked what was going on. And true enough, there has been a sighting.

I'm glad I wasn't swimming or having my surfing lesson when it happened, but it's still quite exciting. It's also kind of reassuring to see how quickly the life savers acted.

Oh! And luckily nobody got hurt, as far as I could see anyway.

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