Sunday, 18 September 2011

A day at the beach

My host family and I went up to Sunshine Coast today. The weather was lovely and the beach we went to at Maroochydore had hardly any waves. The water was freezing when I fist walked into it, but I quickly got used to it. I haven't been swimming in the sea for a long time and it was absolutely lovely.
I wanted to swim over to a sand-island-thing (you can see it on the picture) but the current was really strong, and although I would have probably gotten over to it, I would have had bigger problems getting back. I'm a fairly good swimmer but I would have ended up at a beach slightly further down. I could have walked from it to the one we were at, but I just didn't want to risk the current being too strong for me since it's so long since I've been swimming in the sea.

I did try, I only got so far that I couldn't reach the bottom when I felt the current grabbing hold of me. Because I wasn't prepared for how strong it was I just turned around and went back. Although I think part of why it felt so strong was because I was hesitating and then turning to get back, if I had just continued straight ahead it would have probably been fine.

I wore one of my new board shorts when I went swimming. One problem with loose-fitting shorts: It fills up with air and it looks like you have a giant arse or that you've just let our a massive fart. They were nice and comfy though.

My host family probably thinks I'm a bit weird, more than usual I mean. When we were at the beach I kept covering my belly with one of my hands. I can't help it. I have an issue with my belly. The only time it's "on display" is when I'm swimming/at the beach/in a bikini whatever, so I tend to cover it. Even more so if I'm with someone I know. If I ever to get any work done, I would start with my belly. I HATE it! I have worn a tankini a couple of times, but I just feel even more self conscious when I've finally got a tan and then my belly and back is milky-white. I guess most people have something about their body that they really don't like, and with me it's my belly.

On the way up to the Sunshine Coast we drove past Ettamogah Pub. Apparently the most famous pub on the Sunshine Coast, so of course I had to take a couple of pictures.

I wouldn't mind going up to the Sunshine Coast again and see some more of it.

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