Saturday, 3 September 2011

Not tonight!

Last weekend I was so tired after a long week that I just had a quiet weekend at home. I didn't do much more than get up to eat and use the bathroom. Other than that I stayed in bed and watched a couple of movies.

The mother went out on Saturday to a neighbour, who I've visited before, who was having a kid's party during the day, which then changed over to a party for adults in the evening. Normally I would have gone too, but I was so tired because it was the first week where the father was working away, so I had been working very long days, which I don't mind because it means more money for later.

As I watched a movie and heard the voices from the party in the evening I was thinking to myself "Wouldn't it be funny if I met someone at one of the parties I went to with the host parents? Or if they set me up with one of their (seemingly) few single friends?" I was watching a couple of romantic movies so I was feeling sorry for myself about being single, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The next morning when I talked to the mother she said that the neighbours had been asking about me.
Me: Oh right.
The Mother: Yeah. The husband was very disappointed that you didn't come over. I did tell him it was just because you were tired after this week. 
Me: Okay, cool.
TM: I think he was just disappointed because he was trying to set you up with his mate though.
Me: .... W-What?! (Just found out I'm slightly psychic, haha)
TM: Yeah, his mate was there, I think he was 30 or something, and he wanted you to meet.
Me: Right.... Nice guy?
TM: Yeah, seemed nice.
Me: Okay.

I couldn't really think of anything more to say, but I was kicking myself a little bit for not going to the party. Maybe I'll meet him another time if the neighbours throw another party..?

But I'm definitely not missing out on another party! The host parents are going to a 30th tonight, and since they invited me to come with them I am going!

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