Friday, 16 September 2011


A few days ago I bought a pair of trainers from I thought since I'll probably do a lot of walking up in Cairns and any other places I might go while I'm here and also when I finish here, I might as well get some proper shoes. They're fake ones, but they're apparently legal because there's a small change in the design or something. I've not actually worn them yet but hopefully they're comfy. The Mother bought some from the same place and she says hers are very comfortable.
As today is one of my Friday's off (I keep thinking it's Saturday!) I was planning to go into Brisbane to do some shopping for my upcoming trips to Gold Coast then to Cairns (and possibly to Mackay after that). Then I found out that The Mother was going to get a hair cut at DFO, so I went there instead. I managed to spend all of what was left of last week's wages. It's the first time I've spent that much in one go since I arrived though, so I don't think it was too bad, I also mainly got things I actually need.

The Gold Coast trip in next weekend and I have a surf lesson booked and also a half-day trip to Stradbroke Island. I wanted to get some board shorts for the surfing lesson and also a backpack so that I don't need to bring my giant suitcase.

I've wanted to buy board shorts for a while but I haven't found any that fit me yet. Rip Curl had an offer on for 2 boardies for $50 and I actually managed to find two! Then I went next door to Roxy and they had an offer on for 2 for $30, and I managed to find two there as well! I considered returning the ones I bought at Rip Curl but then I figured I'll probably be living in them when summer comes so I might as well keep all 4. They are a bit too low-waist for me, but if I'm going to wait until I find the "perfect" one, I'll never get any board shorts.
I might bring my big suitcase for when I go up to Cairns, but it would be nice to have a small backpack to bring with me on each of the day-trips, and it will also be nice to have a backpack for next weekend when I go down to the Gold Coast, and I managed to find one at Bags To Go for only $45. I also found a small handbag at the same place which will be a lot easier to carry around than my big Friis one.

When I packed for Australia I packed a pair of my exercise trousers... Well, it's getting a bit too warm for anything with long legs, so I also bought a pair of skorts today. They were on offer at Fila for only $20. I don't know if I will ever use them, but at least if I do they will be a bit better in the heat than the trousers.
The last thing I've been wanting to buy for a while that I found today was hoop ear rings, or sleepers as some people call them. I always forget to put ear rings back in in the morning if I've worn some I can't sleep with the day before, so I bought some silver hoops so that that way I can keep them in all the time. They're plain so they go with everything and I can wear them when I go out as well.
After all that shopping I needed something to cool me down. This was my first slurpee since I've come to Australia. I think I might have enjoyed it more if it was a different flavour. This sour watermelon was okay, but it didn't taste as "fresh" as I was hoping for, it was also VERY sweet. I might just stick to water.
So it was mostly a successful shopping day today, although I wish I had found some more summer tops.

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