Saturday, 3 September 2011

The guy...

The 30th party that we went to this evening was okay, we're home fairly early: 11.30pm... Mostly because these women kept grabbing the mike on karaoke and they could not sing, at all! And it was jut plain torture listening to them!

I met the guy I was talking about in my last post, he seemed like a nice guy. REALLY shy though, hard to strike up a conversation, even when we were standing alone for a bit he didn't really talk to me.... I understand shy, I'm quite shy too, but sometimes it's just too much hard work to make some talk, and that's just not fun. And I guess when you're shy you need a person that's not shy, two shy people doesn't go we..

This girl came over to me about half an hour before we left saying the guy really liked me and kept talking about me and that I should go over to him and say hi. This other guy wanted me to go over to him and grab his balls... I'm sorry mate, I need a few more drinks to do that! But yeah, he seemed like a nice guy, we didn't get to talk much, but maybe we'll meet again, apparently he doesn't live far away as he got a lift from the neighbours that was trying to hook us up in my last post.

Well, I'm drunk and tired, so I think I'll go to bed now. Good night all, hope you've had a nice Saturday night, or is going to have one. Next week I'm going to my first "Sex party", so that'll be interesting.... Update: Sex-toy-party!!!

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